Pavement Might Be Reuniting!

January 13, 2009

Ex-Pavement guitarist Scott Kannberg has said that the legendary indie band may reform sometime soon and that their booking agent has had talks with Coachella festival head honchos about them performing at the event.

He did warn that despite negotiations having taken place, it was more likely that the band would reform after 2009 had finished.

"I don't see why not, you know, it could be a fun thing to do, go and play your favorite songs every night," he told music tabloid Loud And Quiet. "Everything's fine now [between the band members]."

Kannberg also added that "2009 would be our 20-year anniversary too, so that'd be a good time to do it, but I think that's too soon, it might have to be pushed back later."

"Coachella keep asking our booking agent but our booking agent's pretty strong. He's waiting for the right number, I think."