Tensions Rise on The Ultimate Fighter

June 5, 2008


The tension on The Ultimate Fighter last night was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Or, if you're Jesse Taylor, rip it limb from limb. Jeremy May, in response to some overheard trash talk, tried to coax Jesse Taylor into a fight that would have removed him from the competition. Generally speaking, it probably isn't a good idea to antagonize a man far larger than you who has earned his way into the semi-finals. But if you do, and it's taking five other large cage fighters to hold him back from destroying you, be smarter than Jeremy May is in this extended clip and get the hell out of there.[video]2989267[/video]

The remaining quarterfinal matches were both wrapped up in the first round, showing just how skilled victors Tim Credeur and CB Dalloway are and how good the final matchups are bound to be.


Credeur took out stone chinned Dan Cramer with a heel hook, breaking the hearts of teenage girls and Ambercrombie enthusiasts the world over. CB Dalloway dominated his match against Cale Yarbrough getting Yarbrough to turtle up with his head covered. After taking some severe punishment from Dalloway without fighting back, the Ref was forced to call the match for CB.

With the semi-finalists decided it was time to pick the match ups. However, despite the fact that Rampage overslept and wasn't even there, Forrest Griffin didn't get the matches he wanted from Dana White. And here they are, the semi-final matches that will decide the last two men to battle for the title of The Ultimate Fighter.

Tim Credeur vs. Jesse Taylor
Amir Sadollah vs. CB Dalloway

Don't miss the first match next week between Tim Credeur and Jesse Taylor. Check out the leaked clip here!