SPIKE TV Inks New Series, Tattoo Rescue

November 13, 2012

Spike TV has ordered 10-episodes of a new, one-hour original series, "Tattoo Rescue." The show follows renowned tattoo expert Joey Germinario, aka Joey Tattoo, a native of Hoboken N.J. and his team of experts as they travel the country transforming failing tattoo studios into profitable ventures.

Joey Tattoo will use his 22 years of experience in the tattoo business and his larger-than-life personality to rescue these establishments from financial ruin before it's too late. Joey will often have to deal with not so cooperative owners to get their businesses back on track.

Spike TV will once again beat down the door of the most outrageous and insane tenants with a second season of the original series, "World's Worst Tenants." The premiere season of "World's Worst Tenants," (airing June-August), averaged a robust 1 million viewers.

Premiere dates and times for all the new series will be announced shortly.

Check out a preview of Tattoo Rescue