Round 1 Match 7: Shaolin Monk vs Alexander the Great

November 15, 2010

China's passive martial artist fights the brilliant general of Macedonia!


Shaolin Monk:

Short Range- Emei Piercers

Mid Range- Twin Hooks and Staff

Long Range- Fire and Wind Wheels

Special- Whip Chain

Armor- None

Tactics- Never be the aggressor

Alexander the Great:

Short Range- Kopis

Mid Range- Xyston

Long Range- Gastrophetes

Special- Ballista

Armor- Bronze Cuirass and Helmet, Medium size Bronze Shield

Tactics- Adapt to the Situation


Short Range- Kopis vs Emei Piercers

Edge- Kopis

The Kopis is a good size sword to be used with a shield, and has the ability to hack off limbs. The Emei Piercers can be deadly, but they have no range, and their concealability will not help in a face to face battle. Because of this, Alexander gets the Edge in SHort Range weapons.

Mid Range- Xyston vs Staff and Twin Hooks

Edge- Twin Hooks

The Xyston is a wicked long spear, and can easily stab through the Monks fleshy, non armored body, but I don't see it hitting the extremely quick Monk. It outreaches the Monks Weapons, which would normally give it the edge for me, but it's slow to manuver with it, and the Monk could get around that and get some easy kills from behind. The Twin Hooks are unbelieveable weapons, it can kill in about a million different ways, they can be hooked together and get a range in the 7 feet range, nearly as long as the Xyston. The armor on Alexander will definitely help against this weapon system, but there are a number of ways to get around armor with weapons such as the Twin Hooks. Also, the Staff can be used to knock the Xyston out of the way and get in too close to use the Xyston. The Twin Hooks lethality ives the Shaolin Mink the Edge in Mid Range weapons.

Long Range- Gastrophetes vs Fire and Wind Wheels

Edge- Gastrophetes

The Gastrophetes is a horrible weapon to use against such a fast and deadly warrior like the Monk in the heat of battle, but since the Monk only uses his skills in self defense, Alexander has the chance to kill the Monk before he even takes out a weapon. The Fire and Wind wheels aren't very effective killing tools, as they get very low penetration, and Alexanders armor can deflect them easily, which gives Alexander the Edge in Long range weapons.

Special Weapons- Ballista vs Whip Chain

Edge- Whip Chain

The Ballista is like the Gastrophetes... Except you cant move it. Using this in a one on one battle would be horrible for the User, and against the Monk it might get one shot off before the Monk is on top of Alexander. The Whip Chain has decent range, and a good chance to debilitate Alexander for even a few seconds, giving the Monk time to use a better weapon. The Whip Chain gives the Monk the Edge in Special Weapons.

Armor- None vs Bronze

Edge- Alexander

Alexander was armored enough to cover his important areas, but still be mobile on the battlefield. The Monk was very fast and was nearly unrivaled in dodging attacks, but if he gets hit, it's a 100% chance of at least a graze, which would slow him down. Because of this, Alexander gets the Edge in Armor.

Tactics- Never be Aggressor vs Adapt to Situation

Edge- Alexander

The Monks Tactics of always being peaceful is nice for a Buddhist, but for a warrior getting the first hit can decide the battle in many cases. Alexander may not have faced anyone like the Monk before, but history shows us that he's had no problem overcoming those challenges before, so Alexander gets the Edge in Tactics.


A Shaolin Monk sits in the woods, meditating. He is busy listening to the wind, when suddenly a giant projectile punches into the tree behind him. He opens his eyes to see a giant machine with a man turning a crank on it. The Monk runs back through the trees so the Machine cannot hit him. Alexander, seeing the retreat, abandons his Ballista and pursues the Monk.

The Monk grabs his staff and sets his other weapons up on a tree nearby. Alexander charges in with his Kopis and Shield and quickly realizes that his opponent is unarmored. He charges with his head behind his shield and slashes at where the Monk was, but he's not there anymore. He then gets hit in the back of the legs by the Monks staff.

The Monk knocks his Kopis out of his hand and it gets lodged in a tree. Alexander gets up and swings his shield at the Monk, but the Monk stops the attack with his rock hard hands. He backflips over to his tree and grabs his Twin Hooks, as Alexander drops his shield and readies his Xyston.

The Monk runs at Alexander, baiting him to stab. Alexander quickly thrusts and the Monk Jumps above it; exactly as he thought he would do. Alexander quickly swings his Xyston around him and hits the Monk before he can dodge, knocking him down. Alexander capitalizes by stabbing at the ground, but the Monk rolls and jumps up to take out his Whip Chain.

Alexander backs up and keeps the Monk at bay with his Xyston. The Monk uses this chance to throw a wheel at Alexander, who tries to dodge the attack. The Monk uses the opportunity to roll under the Xyston and knock it out of Alexanders hands. Alexander quickly charges at the Monk and tackles him to the ground. He chokes the Mink nearly to death, when suddenly the Monk takes out his Emei Piercers and stabs his arm. As the Monk rolls away, Alexander runs to the tree with his Kopis.

The Monk charges Alexander with his Emei Piercers, but right as he goes for his neck, Alexander rips the Kopis from the tree and lodges it in the Monks throat. Alexander yells "Macedon!" as the Monk falls to the ground, sword still in his neck.

Winner: Alexander the Great

Ending Assessment:

While both had deadly weapons, Alexanders armor and superior tactics made the difference in the battle.

Alexander the Great- 571 Kills

Kopis- 285 Kills

Xyston- 238 Kills

Gastrophetes- 45 Kills

Ballista- 2 Kills

Best Weapon- The Kopis slashed the Monk 285 times

Worst Weapon- The Ballista got 2 overkills and the Monk

Shaolin Monk- 429 Kills

Emei Piercers- 36 Kills

Twin Hooks- 348 Kills

Staff- 31 Kills

Fire and Wind Wheels- 1 Kill

Whip Chain- 13 Kills

Best Weapon- The Twin Hooks tore Alexander up 348 times

Worst Weapon- The Fire and Wind Wheels got a headshot