What Olympics Lack in Steroid Abuse, They Make Up For in Athlete Pregnancy

February 16, 2010

Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy and child birth are not relatively easy processes that the liberal media blows out of proportion (they are in fact, a lot like playing a competitive street hockey game or moving a large television). So, it seems rather impressive that one Olympian with a baby bump is not only competing in the games, but the favorite to win a gold medal in an event that The Simpsons made an entire episode about.

World class competitor (and suspected non-virgin) Kristie Moore is a member of the heavily favored Canadian Olympic Women's Curling team and will be “throwing stones” with some of the best athletes in the world despite being nearly six months pregnant.

This is the first time in 90 years that a knocked up athlete has competed at the Olympics and could be the second consecutive instance that a pregnant woman wins a gold medal. Swedish figure skater Magda Julin did it while horribly endangering the health of her unborn child in 1910.

Source: Kristina Smigun-Vaehi/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images