IAVA’s Next Smart Job Fair Comes to NYC on June 21

Our friends at Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) are hosting a Smart Job Fair at the end of the month in NYC. Read on to find out more:

First we went to San Francisco. And then Chicago. But those aren't the only cities where IAVA is hosting one of our innovative Smart Job Fairs!

On Thursday, June 21 from 8:00AM - 2:00PM, we'll be hosting our next Smart Job Fair with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and in conjunction with the 2012 Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS) Conference in New York City.

Register for the New York Smart Job Fair TODAY!

Even if you've already registered through a different website or organization, we encourage you to register with IAVA. By registering through IAVA, you'll get access to special opportunities and giveaways available only to IAVA members. This event is also open to military spouses.

The nation's top companies and organizations are looking to hire our New Greatest Generation - and that means you. We'll also have a host of resources and services to help jump start your career, ranging from resume reviews, interview skills training and more. Whether it's getting that new job offer, landing that promotion or building your professional network, IAVA's got your back.

For more information, click here.