What To Do When The Repo Man Comes For You

May 17, 2011
If there’s anything we’ve learned from watching the last few episodes of Repo Games (airing Tuesdays at 11/10c on Spike), it’s that we’d like to avoid getting repo’d ourselves, at all costs. Read our guide below to make sure you’re prepared if and when the repo man comes knocking on your door.

1) Plan Ahead and Refinance

If you can’t afford to make your car payments, it’s not the end of the world. The thing to do would be to refinance your vehicle by visiting a bank, or even going online! You can try to refinance your vehicle in two different ways; either lowering your interest rate or extending your loan payment period.

When you lower your interest rate, it could save you a significant sum of money over the period of the loan. Refinancing is especially advantageous if your loan is at least 1.5% or higher than current market rates.

However, if you want more time to pay, an extension of your loan payment period can lower the monthly payments you make on the vehicle. Here’s a big “but,” though; lengthening your loan period results in higher interest charges over time.

Refinancing your vehicle is a really important part of protecting your credit! Take it from Repo host Tom DeTone himself: “People don’t really realize how badly they’re going to damage their credit rating for the next five to seven years [when they default on their car].”

2) Keep Your Cool

If you’re not the forward-thinking type, make sure you stay calm when the repo man is at your door. After all, you never want something like this to happen. Or this:

Best Repo Reactions

3) Study Your Trivia

Last, but certainly not least, make sure you've got your basic trivia down, as you never know if Repo Games may be filming in your town next! You just might get lucky enough to play our game to win your car back.

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