Dunham vs. Sherk (revised)

September 26, 2010

So, as any fan of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA knows, that any fight involving a stocky man like Sherk, going up against a guy about six inches taller than himself such as Dunham, would be quite a spectacle.

For the record: Knuckle-kisses - an "-ism" I use to describe basically punches that aren't too damaging to a fighter's opponent, but used to score technical points with the judges.

So, this is pretty much what I gathered from the three rounds total that the two of them were fighting:

Round 1):

Sherk slammed the living Hell out of Dunham; Dunham in turn tries to put him in a Guillatine but Sherk gets out.  Both get up after some punches exchanged, both dance around from right to left; Sherk gets some good shots in; both continue to dance and do knuckle-kisses.

Round 2):

Dunham is slammed on the ground again, tries to put Sherk in the Guillatine; In the middle of the fight Sherk's body goes limp for about two and a half seconds give or take. Dunham is getting too close to Sherk; Sherk knocks the crap out of Dunham again; Dunham tries to grapple with him for a bit (however his efforts are all for naught) and then Dunham tries to push-kick Sherk. Sherk gets hit in the center of his chest with his I think right knee (beautiful move by Dunham) but Sherk recovers, and Sherk's just trying to hold on as far as stamina is concerned. Dunham is in Sherk's guard (standing), he just does some knuckle-kisses around Sherk's body.


Round 3):

Dunham backs Sherk into a corner, starts picking him apart, and gets some more beautiful shots in. Spoiler alert! Sherk wins.

Now, I'm not one to tell people how to do their jobs, because Lord knows that I do not have the ovaries to enter into UFC and do the job myself. However...

From an observing stand-point, it didn't seem like Dunham wanted to choke Sherk out. Quite in fact, I can recall hearing from Dunham's corner to lock-up the Guillatine. Now, although I am just someone who has started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu myself and have friends that've competed, I can say that Dunham I don't think really wanted Sherk to tap-out. However, Joe Rogan (love that man) had pointed out that in the middle of the first or second round when Dunham had Sherk in the Guillatine, you can see that Sherk's body was clearly starting to relax; his body started to sway slightly left, his legs were starting to give a bit.

However, either Sherk was "playing possum" or he was waiting for Dunham to loosen up. Perhaps Dunham, although this being five minute rounds, I think has the absolute ability to take-out someone like Sherk in a Guillatine (a no-brainer), maybe Dunham mis-read Sherk's body.

Another observation I've made about the fight between these two, was that Dunham I think looked like he was trying to use some serious power shots to take-out and/or weaken Sherk, but once a tall person like Dunham gets within any sort of range of someone like Sherk, of course the results were bad for Dunham; the poor thing's right eyebrow was just gashed like Rocky Balboa.

To be honest with you, I do think that Dunham could have used his own lanky knees to get the upper-hand on Sherk. Sherk had Dunham up against a corner in order to slam Dunham, but Dunham wanted to go down and try and take Sherk in a choke-out.

Although I highly respect Dunham's technique; he's an intelligent fighter; I think at the third round, he was getting the hang of handling someone like Sherk and picking him apart, it came too slow, too late unfortunately for Dunham.

Dunham, although yes I do adore you; you have that cute little celebration dance you do whenever you win; you needed to hold that Guillatin longer, or try to change the angle of it, and turn it into a rear-naked. Although yes I can imagine that being knocked-upside the head (which has happened to me before but not to the point of bleeding) can fuck up your scramble ability, I think that Dunham you were hesitant on really kicking and hitting into Sherk when you both were dancing around.

You see, although it's fun for the crowd to watch Sherk's explosive fighting style; it gets a bit too tiring, a bit too soon. Although I'm not saying Sherk doesn't have any ability; I mean once that man has you or any opponent on the ground where he wants you, you're fucked! He's also quite a good wrestler from what I've seen; very aggressive; love it! Dunham didn't use his own height to his full advantage. A great example I think of this was when it was Maynard vs. Diaz (I hope I got that right). Diaz has that long-reach with his arms, but more importantly, his legs. Although there was a lot of dancing around and I caught Maynard's coach after the second round saying, "You need to stop dancing around and go for it" or something along those lines.

Tall people often have the advantage of using their long limbs to easily weaken their opponents. Although yes Sherk does have a ton of power? His stamina in that round wasn't its best, which impacted his tenacity significantly. Personally I feel that Sherk should definitely consider using his "explosive" manner of fighting in a more efficient manner. He has the ability to do it, I think it would help him save some of his energy in the long-run. A good example of this is Mike Brown (love you Brownie); in the WEC; he takes his time, he waits for the right moment, and when the right moment comes, he's powerful, he's efficient, but most importantly, his stamina isn't completely shot when the last part of the second round pops up along with the entire third round.

Dunham on the other hand, because that kid is a smart-fighter, he knows how much energy to exert, and more importantly his technical-work is amazing! However, Dunham, just from personal observation (again I'm not one to tell someone how to do their job) I feel just from a critiquing stand-point on my end, needs to be faster and put more force into the swings of his arms and his legs. I mean, to prevent him from getting the living Hell beaten out of him like he did last night when I saw it with Sherk, I think it would be beneficial for Dunham's career, if he were to ever face another opponent such as Sherk, to try and use his long limbs to his advantage.

Congratulations to both fighters, I love watching UFC, and Dunham is fucking adorable when he does his victory dance!