Lennon's Peace Lyrics to be Auctioned

April 30, 2008


The lyrics to “Give Peace a Chance” will be on the auction block at Christie's in July as the centerpiece of its rock and pop memorabilia sale. The words to the memorable peace anthem are expected to fetch more than $400,000.

The lyrics were handed to 16-year-old comedy writer Gail Renard, who was then, at Lennon and Yoko Ono's Montreal "bed-in" in 1969. Gail Renard snuck into the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, knocked on the door and asked John and Yoko for an interview for her university magazine. When Lennon gave Renard the lyrics he told her "one day they will be worth something." Lucky chick.

I should totally hit up Britney Spears at a Hollywood club and try to nab the original lyrics to “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” It could make me a rich man someday…