Hans gruber vs. Gold finger

January 28, 2011

Beginning assessment: Hans gruber the infamous German terrorist who led his comrades to take over the nakatomi plaza and send the LAPD into a state of helplessness vs. Gold finger the daring world famous villian who breahced fort knox and almost defeated James bond of MI-6 who is deadliest?

These two combatants are fictional and form the movies Die hard and from the movie in the James bond series Goldfinger

Hans and his men bring in a lethal arsenal of killing weapons

at close range the HK USP P7

Mid range the HK mp5a3

Long Range the exotic steyr aug (used by karl)

and finally the hockey puck flashbang

However Gold finger fires back with

The walther p38 pistol

Mp40 smg

Karabiner 98 rifle

and the ingenius sleeping gas

USP vs. P38: The USP gets the edge. It's more reliabe and it holds 5 more shots than the p38. Although both fire 9mm parabellum german ammunition.

Mp40 vs. mp5: Again a world war 2 german era gun clashes with a modern gun. The mp5a3 fires 9mm ammo at 800 rounds a minute with an effective range of up to 200 meters. The mp40 is actually still in use with I believe a few european countries however it's pretty much obsolete. It fires the same 9mm ammo holds 40 shots (same as mp5a3) however it only fires 550 rounds a minute and only shoots up to 100 meters. This gives the mp5 the edge.

Karabiner 98 vs. Steyr AUG: The k98 without an optic fires up to 500 meters. Although it is bolt action. The steyr aug is an assault rifle but is set fofr 300 meters. However it holds aton more ammo and fires up to 700 rounds a minute. But I can see the k98's range being a big advantage so this is a draw and only one of Gruber's men has the AUG.

Hockey puck flashbang vs. Sleeping gas: I'm gonna give this one to the sleeping gas. It is said by golf finger in the film to keep someone asleep for 24 hours while the flashbang will only temporarily stun although it will immediately incapacitate them where as the Sleeping gas takes a few seconds. I'm still giving it to the sleeping gas because of how long it lasts.

5 of goldfiners men enter a small warehouse. There's a room that lacks any furniture and is basically a collection of wood on the ground with a roof. Hans then kicks open the door and throws a flashbang. The men stumble back and Karl sprays his AUG everywhere. Hitting two of goldfingers men. Goldfinger=3 Gruber=5

The men turn and run into another room. There's a bar that they run and dive behind. One of hans men sprays the room with his HK and pauses. A metal hat flies through the air and decapitates him. Two other men burst in. They know immediately where gold finger is hiding and charge the counter. Goldfinger sprays his mp40 and riddles one man. The man on gruber's team reaches there hiding point and raises his USP. He fires into oddjob about 5 times for vengeance for his decapitiated comrade only to be shot in the chest by a walther twice in the head. Goldfinger=2 Gruber=2

Now it was Karl and Gruber against goldfinger and one of his men. A small canister flew into the room where they were hiding. They believed it to be poisoin gas and ran. Karl tripped and fell asleep. Goldfiner and his ally believed to have neutralized both of them and ran into the room. They saw only Karl and executed him with a K98. Just then gruber kicked open the door and shot Goldfinger's henchman with his pistol. Battle= goldfinger vs. Gruber (literally) he went to take a second shot but heard the sound of an empty chamber echo through the boarded room. He charged Goldfinger however Goldfinger being older began attempting to run to a weapon. He was tackled. Gruber punched him repetitively until Goldfinger's face was no more than a pulp. He reached into goldfinger's pocket and pulled out a canister of gas. A man once said something to me and I think I'll pass on the saying "yippie ki-yay mother F*****"!. He shoved the canister of gas into his throat and watched him choke to death.

Winner: Hans Gruber, 659

HK USP: 38

Mp5: 295

Steyr AUG: 323

Flashabg: 4, assisted in 71 kills

Loser: Goldfinger, 341

Walther p38: 37

Mp40: 159

K98: 141

Sleeping gas: 0, assisted in 189 kills

Ending assessment: It was the fact taht Han's men had better weapon that mainly helped them won. It also didn't help goldfinger because of how old he was as well. That's why Han's had such a large win.