When Jello Wrestling Turns Ugly

June 23, 2008


A disgruntled English jello wrestler threw a fit and lashed out at the crowd after losing a jello wrestling competition at Cambridge University on the United Kingdom. Yes, Cambridge University and Jello Wrestler were just used in the same sentence. The student, Nadia Witkowski was taking part in the annual Suicide Sunday garden party, organized by Wyverns, an all-male Magdalene College drinking society. This year’s theme was blazers and bikinis – the men wore blazers and the women wore bikinis – which is a brilliantly simple party theme.

Miss Witkowski paired off against a slight blonde girl in the jello filled inflatable pool after defeating two other girls in the $250 pound (about $US500) winner takes all competition. By all reports Nadia dominated the combat and used her size to overcome her smaller opponent. However the winner of the event was decided by the crowd’s reaction – who overwhelmingly gave the bout to Nadia’s slimmer, prettier, blond challenger.  One spectator told the UK's Daily Mail: “Nadia had been a bit aggressive and probably wasn't as attractive as the other girl, so she was booed although she'd probably been the better fighter.”

Nadia thrashed out after losing. Still dripping in red jello, she “punched a female spectator, leaving her with a bloody nose” then proceeded to attack two beefy security guards, head butting one and punching the other. Nadia, who hopes to go into law or investment banking “was taken to a nearby police station, where she received a caution for common assault”.

Nadia has refused to comment and the event organizers have told her she is not welcomed back next year.