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Internet Rap Wars: Soulja Boy vs. Ice-T

by dsussman   June 24, 2008 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 155


Since when did the internet become the new battleground for hip hop beef?

After less than a week, nearly a million people have watched a video of Soulja Boy responding to a recent Ice-T diss on DJ Cisco’s Urban Legend mixtape. Soulja Boy was notably upset when Ice-T suggested he was ruining the hip hop industry and that the dirty south rapper should, ‘eat a d*ck’. Ahh snap!

The Ice-T Diss...

In Soulja Boy’s response video, he pokes fun at Ice-T’s age, his name and highlights the fact that Ice has no relevance in today’s rap game. The best part has to be when Soulja Boy says, “I wickapedia’d this n___ and this n___ was born in 1958!’  That is cold. Here's the beef...

Ice-T even took time out from his busy Law & Order: SVU schedule to respond to SB’s internet diss…

Wow. Remember when rappers use to work out their problems on wax? These days you get to see so-called hardcore rap stars getting stress off their chest in Youtube internet videos. How gangsta. I don’t want ‘real talk’ on Youtube, I want ‘real talk’ on a dope track. I think some of the young rap heads out there need to learn a thing or two about the history of hip hop.