Mantenna - Tuesday, June 8

June 8, 2010

Heidi Montag makes her split with Spencer Pratt official, Eminem's new album leaks two weeks early, and vulture brains have become a delicacy in the gambling're gonna eat lightning, and you're gonna crap the Mantenna!

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Heidi Montag Makes Split Official

Heidi Montag’s separation from spouse Spencer Pratt may actually be serious and not simply a publicity stunt. The reality television star has made the separation legal by filing papers in a Santa Monica court today. In her two-page, handwritten filing, Montag cited “irreconcilable difference.” Heidi did not file for divorce, nor did she indicate she was going to. According to TMZ, “the legal significance of legal separation is that her earnings will become her separate property from the date of separation.” According to the paper’s Montag filed, it seems like the couple could be broke. Under the section “Community Assets and Debt,” Montag wrote, "No such assets or debts." Could Heidi be expecting a big paycheck? [TMZ]

Jon Gosselin Likes the Wacky Tobacky

Jon Gosselin has done some pretty stupid things during his 15 minutes of fame, but making a home video of himself and then girlfriend Hailey Glassman high on pot and getting drunk has to be one of his stupider actions. Now, surprise, surprise, the video has been leaked and it’s embarrassing to say the least. It was shot in St. Tropez last year when the tabloid duo were still together and had reportedly smoked a whole lot of pot and made fun of the French (okay, they get some brownie points for that!). According to RadarOnline, “Jon and Hailey were confused about how people smoked weed in France because they mix it with tobacco. All they did [on their trip] was drink Crystal and smoke spliffs with the friends they were with. Whenever someone was sparking it up, they were right there smoking it.” No wonder Kate kicked him to the curb. [RadarOnline]

Eminem's Recovery Album Leaks Two Weeks Early

Photo: Hoffman/Getty Images

Just two weeks before its June 22nd release date, Eminem’s upcoming album Recovery popped up online yesterday in its entirety. The track list was also included with the new LP. Representatives from Eminem’s imprint Shady Records have not confirmed the leak, but the audio files line up with the track listing and production notes that were released late last month. [MTV]

Vulture Brains Have Become a Delicacy in the Gambling Community

South African gamblers have begun scooping out and eating the brains of local vultures in order to increase their chances of winning money while betting on the World Cup. Apparently, these bird lovers believe that ingesting the brains can help them see into the future. And let's be honest, if you could see into the future, wouldn't World Cup scores be the first and only thing worth discovering? [Metro]

Study Shows Gamers Are a Lot Like Professional Atheletes

It's no surprise that professional gamers aren't quite as fit as elite athletes, but they do have something in common. According to a British academic, top-level players show similar psychological attributes as top athletes, such as the ability to manage anxiety, and having reaction times on par with fighter pilots. Dr. Micklewright said, 'When I first got asked to do the study, my initial reaction was "don't be ridiculous, gaming is nothing like sport." But the more I thought about it, the more similarities became clear, and I became more and more convinced that it was close in many ways to sport.' Well, they do both require the player to be breathing, so there's that. [PC Pro]

Teens at Chinese Internet Addiction Boot Camp Stage Prison Break

A group of inmates at the Huai'an Internet Addiction Treatment Centre decided they'd had enough of the "monotonous work and intensive training." Working together, they tied their duty supervisor to his bed and made a run for it. The 14 patients, aged from 15 to 22, hailed a taxi to take them to a nearby town — but were uncovered when the driver took them to the police station instead, suspicious of the identically dressed young men who were unable to pay the fare. Apparently none of them had Googled the term "common sense" back when their addiction had free reign. [GamePron]

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