Scott Weiland Fires Back at Velvet Revolver

April 2, 2008


Troubled frontman Scott Weiland fires back at his former bandmates after being accused of not being "100% committed" to the band.

Less then 24 hours after getting slammed by his former bandmates, the ex-Velvet Revolver singer decided to tell his side of the story. According to MTV:

"After reading the comment by Duff, Matt, Dave and the illustrious'Guitar Hero,' Saul Hudson, a.k.a. Slash, I find it humorous that theso-called four 'founding members' of Velvet Revolver, better known tothemselves as 'the Project' before I officially named the band, woulddecide to move on without me after I had already claimed the group deadin the water on March 20 in Glasgow," Weiland explained.

Was this band even really that good? Didn't they write mediocre rock songs about Jack Daniels and the occasional stint in rehab? Well, at least STP is getting back together.