Watch a Hybrid Semi Beat a Ferrari in a Drag Race

September 12, 2011

Semis are not generally acclaimed for their speed. They're designed to haul heavy loads from point A to point B. On the other hand, there's nothing gearheads can't overhaul and race, and semis are no exception.

As a result, semi truck racing is a thing. Such a big thing that there are semi races held in Sweden...and an extremely interesting drag race was held between a cherry Ferrari and the Mean Green Machine, a hybrid racing semi.

How'd it turn out?

Yep, the semi won. What's interesting is that the Ferrari has way better acceleration, but the Mean Green blows it away once they both get up to top speed. And this is a semi, not the most aerodynamic of vehicles.

Makes you wonder how quickly these things can haul your stuff...

Source: Boijeov Brink/YouTube