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Allen And Ton Crank Up The Heat In Alaska

by AaronAhmadi   August 12, 2012 at 12:30AM  |  Views: 4,968
This week it was time for Ton and Allen to break the ice, so to speak, in Alaska. Which town did they step into looking for amazing finds? A place that was full of agricultural history and ripe with hidden loot: Palmer, of course. If this old mining town doesn't spell "wilderness" I don't know what does. Let's get down to the story, though:


Just because this auction had a sign saying welcome to "Whateverland" doesn't mean the folks here didn't mean serious business. Heck, most of them were couples so that meant double trouble. Even worse, it was slim pickins this time because there were only 3 units up for auction. After some bidding battles though, the Auction Hunters grabbed two units for an even $1,000 and were ready to see what kind of Alaskan gold they had on their hands.


Sold For: $3,800

In an old mining town like Palmer, you're bound to find stuff like old lanterns and maybe a pickaxe or two, but Ton and Allen's first find was just bananas: a rail speeder. Considering that railroad construction began in Alaska in 1903, that meant that this baby was ages old – layer upon layer of dust covering a possible goldmine. James, a railroad enthusiast, was excited to walk around this big, classic, antique, and after a little pow-wow with the Auction Hunters, offered them $3,800 for it right then and there.


Sold For: $9,000

Ton and Allen have found plenty of American guns and have had a blast putting them to the test, but this power house pistol really gave them a surprise when they uncovered it. What looked like a simple weapon turned out to be a Japanese Nambu pistol when they took it over to Ken, a local weapons expert. Let's just say Ken had an eye for these sorts of things, and he was so delighted when he saw Ton and Allen's find that he was ready to add it to his arsenal a.s.a.p. Crafted in 1904, this was a Japanese officer's pistol, and actually was known to be a status symbol (whatever floats your boat). The pistol was sold to Ken for an amazing $9,000 – quite the profit-booster.

Sure, maybe Alaska is a bit chilly, but things were definitely heating up when Ton and Allen visited. The boys handed over $1,000 for two storage units, sold their discoveries for $13,630, and left the great state with $12,630 in profit. They didn't break the ice, they bulldozed right through it!

If you want to see a tiny pistol pack a huge punch, you have to check out the Japanese Nambu pistol at work. Watch this week's latest episode, "Choo-Choo, Cha-Ching!", now available on Spike.com for your viewing pleasure. To stay up to date with the latest Auction Hunters news and to take part in our weekly Facebook matchups, head on over to the Auction Hunters Facebook page. Last but definitely not least, make sure to keep your eyes open for all-new episodes of Auction Hunters airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE. The adventure is just getting started.