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Now You See Me (2013)
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The Top 10 Most Overrated Hot Girls

by girls   October 10, 2008 at 4:45PM  |  Views: 16,414

3. Hayden Panettiere


Why People Think She’s Hot: Her role on Heroes is a man’s ultimate fantasy - a high school cheerleader with super powers. Enough said.

Why She’s Overrated: Hayden is everywhere. Everywhere! She’s cute and all but definitely not the hottest girl tramping about Hollywood. It doesn’t help that all the attention has gone to her head. Why is it that she gets so much love?

Megan Fox Rating
: 85% Megan Fox

2. Paris Hilton


Why People Think She’s Hot: This girl has been riding it all the way to the bank since her infamous sex tape was "leaked" online. The already-rich Hilton has whored herself out to anyone that will pay her to do something. She’s had a couple reality TV shows, been in movies, has a clothing line and gets paid huge amounts of money to appear for 25 minutes at a club opening.

Why She’s Overrated
: The girl’s a plain Jane who’s far too skinny. She’s also everything that’s wrong with Hollywood gossip and the celebrity-fueled world we live in. Do everyone a favor, stop paying attention to her. Then she might go away.

Megan Fox Rating: 7.5% Megan Fox

1. The Hills Girls


Why People Think They’re Hot: The Hills girls are famous and considered hot because they are on The Hills. This TV show gave them fame and fortune, which allowed most of them to get plastic surgery and look even “hotter.”

Why They’re Overrated
: These girls are super annoying, especially Heidi. They seem like the kind of superficial girls you’d hook up with at club in the OC, and then "forget" to call the next day. Heaven knows why they are soooooooo popular and why they’ve been around as long as they have.  Totally overrated.

Megan Fox Rating
: 4% Megan Fox – because there are 4 of them and they are female.

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