Mantenna - Friday, July 24

July 24, 2009

Lindsay Lohan shows some sideboob, Gary Oldman spills the beans on the next Batman movie, and why Apple might be pulling the plug on the iPod...accept no substitutes, it's the Mantenna!

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Katie Holmes Thinks She Can Dance

Mrs. Tom Cruise danced her heart out last night on the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance. The actress danced along to the song "Get Happy," paying homage to Judy Garland, but the reviews are scathing. Nigel Lythgoe, a judge and Executive Producer of the show has defended Katie, saying, "Why hate on Katie? She's had no dance training and did this for publicity for the charity. Everyone lip-syncs when they're dancing," he writes. "I'm going to ban all the Katie-haters. You make me sick. Your attitude stops 'stars' doing charity work. Understand why she did it CHILDREN." Yes, we mustn’t forget the children. [E!]

Lindsay Lohan Makes Milkshakes, Shows Sideboob

Lindsay Lohan is so desperate for work and cash that she has taken to making milkshakes and showing off her boobs. Last night, Ms. Lohan was on hand at the Millions of Milkshakes store in Hollywood to christen a milkshake with her name. Lohan turned up to the event wearing an itsy-bitsy dress and no bra. It is being reported that her people tipped off the paparazzi, ensuring that someone would show up and photograph her. Poor LiLo. [The Superficial]

Orphan Has a Crazy Ending

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on if you plan on seeing this film. The internet is abuzz with the surprise ending of Orphan. In the film Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard adopt a little girl, Esther, who starts murdering tons of people. It turns out Esther is not so little. In fact it is being reported that at the end of the film it is revealed that “Esther is really a 33-year-old woman who was born with proportional dwarfism which causes her to have the appearance of a child. She also happens to be a former prostitute, who had wealthy pedophiles for clients. The reason why she has her neck covered is because she was once in asylum and she struggled so much in her straitjacket that it left with her deep scars on her neck.” Yikes. The surprise ending has been likened to that of The Crying Game. [FilmDrunk]

Gary Oldman Spills the Beans on New Batman Film


Source: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Garry Oldman has revealed that a new Batman film is in the works. While attending the panel for The Book of Eli at Comic-Con, Oldman was asked when we’d see a third Batman film. Instead of dodging the question he said, “The next Batman is next year, so I think it is two years away. But you didn’t hear it from me.” Awesome, but can we wait two years? [/Film]

Apple Says iPods Are All But Dead

This week, Apple announced that old school iPods are a dying breed. "We expect traditional MP3 players to decline over time as we cannibalize ourselves" with the iPhone and iPod Touch. They readily admit that iPod Touches sell like hotcakes while demand for clickwheel iPods has slackened. What's strange is that Apple seems to want to push them even further by releasing another generation of Classics and Nanos in the near future. [Gizmodo]

Spray Some Barry: Creator of WD-40 Dead at 84

Who among us doesn't have at least one blue-and-yellow can sitting on the shelf near the tools? WD-40 and its secret formula has been often imitated, but the small San Diego firm long resisted the temptation to spread itself thin with too many other products. Under the leadership of one John S. Barry, the company took a single product -- one that had taken 40 tries to get right -- and built it into the Kleenex of lubricant products, good for $317 million in sales last year. Sadly, the man who kept his focus firmly on making the best single product of its type has passed away at the age of 84. Hat tip for making the duct tape of sprays, Mr. Barry, you were definitely one of us. [Los Angeles Times]

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