Match 1: William Wallace vs Zande

December 5, 2010

William Wallace

War Hammer.


Ball & Chain.

Targe & Dirk.





Botto & Pima.


Hammer vs Makraka. Edge = War Hammer.

With a close edge, the War Hammer wins, due to both killer sides, and that it will kill the Zande. With the Makraka, taking short, slashing swings, it's not going to pass Wallace's chainmail, if it gets pass his Targe.

Claymore vs Makrigga. Edge = Claymore.

The Makrigga, even though it's a stabbing weapon, is going to have its hooks caught on the chainmail, so you might kill William, but if you don't hit the right spot, you can't use that again. The Claymore will just slice the Zande in half.

Ball & Chain vs Kpinga. Edge = Kpinga.

The Ball & Chain is too slow and not accurate. The Kpinga is super fast, and is dead on accurate. With all those sides, plus the speed, the Kpinga will pierce the chainmail.

Targe & Dirk vs Botto & Pima. Edge = Targe & Dirk.

This is also super close, but the Targe will protect any arrows, and if it doesn't, the chainmail will. The Dirk is also a bonus close range weapon that will get nasty kills.


William Wallace is in the middle of a forest, training with his ball & chain. He's aiming it at a weak tree, but hasn't had any luck hitting it. After only a few minutes, he hears a chant from behind him:


He turns to see a dark-skinned fighter, aiming an arrow through his bow.

"Another African warrior? Whatever, I'll beat you like I killed Shaka!"

But with that retort, the Zande let go of his bowstring, shooting the pima at him. Luckily, Wallace lifted up his targe just in time, and picked up his ball & chain. He started spinning around, but unlike most times, it actually went where he wanted. Well, close to. It only took the botto bow out of the Zande's hands, just missing his head.

Wallace lifted up his war hammer, and charged, his shields spike aiming ahead. The Zande jumped away from the spike, and he grabbed his kpinga. He threw it when William was coming back, but the huge knife only landed into his shield. Now trashed, Wallace threw it down, but held his dirk. Together, he charged again, and swung with his hammer.

The Zande grabbed his makraka just in time, and he deflected an attack from the hammer, but the dirk appeared in his shoulder a second later. He yelled in pain, and threw down the hammer. He slashed at Wallace's chest, but the blade bounced off his chainmail. The dirk came down with another stab, but the Zande got out of the way. He ran behind a large tree, and retrieved his makrigga.

Seeing the size of the spear, Wallace took his claymore off from his back, and was ready for battle. William was stabbed at first, but he jumped back and slashed. The blade missed the Zande's neck by a few inches, and the makrigga was thrusted again. It landed in William's stomach this time.

William fell to the ground, the Zande thinking he had slew the Scotsman, but when he saw him sit back up he was confused. He pulled back his spear, but it was stuck in the chainmail. It turned out the stab only made a small wound, much less then to penetrate. Now very angry, Wallace sliced again, slashing at the Zande's cheek. He went down, and he saw William get up, flip him over, and stab into his chest. The last thing the Zande saw before he died was Wallace taking the hooked spear out of his chains with his dirk, after taking a victory cry.

William Wallace: 662.

War Hammer: 91.

Claymore: 393.

Ball & Chain: 4.

Targe: 95.

Dirk: 79.

Zande: 338.

Makraka: 22.

Makrigga: 163.

Kpinga: 148.

Botto & Pima: 5.