New iPhone Release Bungled

July 11, 2008


Today – July 11, 2008 – should be Praise Steve Jobs Day for all Apple lovers. That’s because the new iPhone was released today. The nation’s response? Meh, who cares. Gone are the lines that wrapped around entire city blocks; no more are the legions of Mac nerds who frantically vied to be the first gazillion dorks to own the newest gadget minted by Jobs and Co. On top of all that, Apple has seriously screwed up the in-store activation of its new phones, giving thousands of people an instantaneous case of buyer’s remorse. Jobs better watch it, he might be out of a job soon. Oh, snap!

The iTunes servers the phones are activated by suffered a poorly timed global melt-down; even people with the first generation of phones who updated their software have been affected.

Another part of the reason the response hasn’t been better has to do with the fact that the hardware of the phone remains so similar to the original. Also, the price of the actual phone plans have increased (gone are the days of free text messages; you’ll now be hit up with a $5 a month charge). Yes, they’ve slashed prices on the phones themselves, but with the increased plan charges new iPhone users will wind up paying more than original users did by the time their two year contract is up.

It’s not going to help matters that everyone who bought the new iPhone on opening day will have nothing but bad word of mouth to spread.  All that said, though, I suspect once the bugs and glitches are worked out, people will revel in the tons of free stuff on the iPhone Apps Store.