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Is Amy Winehouse the Next Dr. Seuss?

by dsussman   April 23, 2009 at 1:00PM  |  Views: 147

As if the world didn’t need any more problems, Amy Winehouse is going to write a children’s book. Run for your lives, people!

This odd news came after the admission from her spokesman that she might want to adopt a child. Star magazine has reported that wacky Winehouse is planning to pen a children’s book upon being inspired by her rocker friend Pete Doherty. Amy also wants to release a book of her original poems.

“She really wants to write a children’s book one day so thought a book of poems would be great practice,” a source tells the publication. “Pete Doherty once told her that poetry was a good way to express yourself so she thought writing a book of poems about her life would be a fine start.”

Supposedly one of her “poems is called ‘Desire’ and is based on her yearning to be loved and to give love.” the source revealed. “Amy is so happy with the results she’s even let her bodyguard read her scribbles to understand her.”

Possible titles for both Amy’s planned children’s book and book of poems haven’t been made public, but Crack Pipe Cathy would work just fine for me.

Source: Leon Neal/Getty Images

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