Mantenna - Jay-Z Says Beyonce is the Second Coming of Michael Jackson

August 15, 2011
Jay-Z says Beyonce is the second coming of Michael Jackson, China starts cracking down on fake Apple stores and a one-and-a-million hockey shot ends without its one-and-a-million dollar prize...Are you crying? Are you crying? There's no crying in the Mantenna!

Jay-Z Says Beyonce is the Second Coming of Michael Jackson

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment

In a recent interview with radio station 99 Jamz, Jay-Z praised his wife Beyonce by claiming that she’s actually as talented as the King of Pop himself. Jay-Z stated: "What I've learnt from her is similar to what I learnt from [Michael Jackson] - and I know that's blasphemy to compare the two because Mike was such an innovator - but I think she's like the second coming." That’s one serious compliment. He went on to say that the “hard work and dedication that” Beyonce “puts into her shows” is what sets her apart from the rest of the pop pack. “It just makes you want to work harder at your own craft,” Jigga told the station. “She's like a machine." Did this guy just compare his women to the Terminator? Just saying… [Digital Spy]

Charity Refuses to Pay Prize to Twin Who Scored an Impossible Hockey Goal

If you're a sports fan, you live to see an impossible shot being made right before your unbelieving eyes. If you're an insurance company, you live to see how you can screw the person out of the money they won for making that shot. An 11-year-old kid from Minnesota made just such a shot after winning the chance at a charity rifle when he swishing a 3-inch puck through a 3-and-a-half inch slot in a hockey goal from the center of the ice that came with a $50,000 prize. The insurance company that fronted the money for the shot, however, is refusing to pay it because they claim the person who bought the ticket wasn't the same person who made the shot. 11-year-old Nick Smith bought the winning raffle ticket but his brother Nate Smith scored the goal...and did I mention they are both twins? I smell another Freaky Friday remake. [Deadspin]

China Shuts Down 22 Fake Apple Stores

Photo: Feng Li/Getty Images News

The crackdown on the impostor Apple shops across China has begun. The city of Kumming ordered the shutdown of all 22 of the fake stores between its borders after bloggers discovered and exposed their existence on various websites. They were given until Aug. 10 to close their doors and leave town for violating Apple's trademark and so far, all 22 of the identified stores have completely removed all logos and signage that identify themselves as an approved affiliated of the Apple company. Eleven of the offending stores are also the target of a criminal investigation. [Gizmodo]

Jay-Z and Kanye West Break U.S. iTunes Record

According to Billboard, Watch the Throne, the Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborative LP, has taken the title as the U.S. iTunes Store's one-week sales record holder by selling nearly 290,000 downloads through the week and weekend. Despite an outcry by independent record stores leading up to the release, this respectable sales number is pretty much due to the exclusive offer of Watch the Throne through iTunes that was available from August 8-11 before officially going on sale to everyone else on Friday, August 12. This record was held by Coldplay and their 2008 LP Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends that moved 282,000 units in its first week of sales. Billboard is also reporting that Watch the Throne will debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with well over 410,000 albums sold. I say this is good news all around. [Billboard]