The Top 10 MANswers of 2008

December 26, 2008

The second season of the one show that drops all the man-related knowledge you need was bigger, bolder, and bouncier than ever! See which MANswers made the list of the best of 2008 after the jump!

10. What Are the Five Best Topless Beaches in the World?

It's a big world out there and you should really see more of it. And if you're going to travel the world, you might as well see the best it has to offer.[video][/video]

9. What Country's Armed Forces Pay for Fake Boobs?

What's hotter than a female soldier who can drive tanks and kick your ass? A female soldier who can drive tanks, kick your ass, and has military grade breasts.[video][/video]

8. What's the Number One Sex Injury?

You know the most common sports injuries and how to prevent them, but what about your other favorite recreational activity?[video][/video]

7. Which Country is the Least Well Endowed?

If you're ever feeling down, just be thankful of where you come from. Unless you come from this unfortunate nation.[video][/video]

6. Which Method of Smoking Weed Can Get a Dude the Highest?

You might as well get your money's worth.[video][/video]

5. Does Spanking Lead to Horniness?

Not unlike a fuzzy TV picture or a choking engine, sometimes to get things started you just need to give her a little smack.[video][/video]

4. Who's Easiest? Straight Chicks, Bi Chicks, or Lesbians?

Sealing the deal with the ladies can take some serious time and effort. Make sure you're using your time wisely.[video][/video]

3. What's the Deadliest Weapon a Prisoner Can Hide Up His Ass?

Eat your heart our Prison Break. We've got the real deal on sneaking things into jail.[video][/video]

2. How Can Beer Make Your Girlfriend's Boobs Bigger?

Your favorite beverage has a fantastic side effect on your other favorite things.[video][/video]

1. What's the Best Way to Have Sex While Scuba Diving?

Disney said it best. "Everything's better, down where it's wetter, under the sea!"[video][/video]

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