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Blood on the Sand: Yakuza vs. Mafia

by gdesanctis   May 05, 2009 at 5:14PM  |  Views: 332

Tonight at 10, Deadliest Warrior fights dirty when the Mafia squares off against the Yakuza, and we learn just how savage a street fight can get.

Our battle this week is the first really modern matchup we've done. It's also the closest to home we've yet seen. If you stop and think about it, in the course of your daily routine, you might walk past a member of either gang in your daily life, but you'd never even know it.

Those of you who have been watching The Aftermath know that this is what Barry would call a rock vs. rock fight. Or in this case, a submachine-gun-and-explosive vs. submachine-gun-and-incendiary-device fight. We're pitting the tools, tactics, and mindsets of 1920's Mafia toughs vs. post-war 1940's Yakuza gangsters. Tonight, the streets run red.

I've already seen some murmuring about how tonight's opponents aren't warriors in the traditional sense, that they weren't part of a regular army. But both come from the world of organized crime, which may lack military discipline, but adheres to its own particular codes.

But we're not here to delve deeply into what defines the psyche of a Made Man as opposed to his un-made counterpart, nor are we here to debate the finer points of yubitsume, the Yakuza's finger cutting ritual. We're here to talk about carnage.

Tonight's fight is the first time we've tested modern firearms, putting the ballistics (literally) into our ballistics gel. We've also created courses and target ranges to test the effectiveness of our expert's guns, to see how much damage they can lay down before having to reload, and how long it takes them to (accurately) empty a magazine. We're dealing with a variety of vicious close combat weapons, but also two different classes of incendiary device. Because of all the mayhem being brought to bear, we've had to change our formula a little bit.

Tonight's fight isn't going to be a one-on-one showdown, but rather a five-on-five fight at the squad level. We're still running the simulator until we get a thousand kills, but this time the bodies get piled higher and faster.

That's what's new to tonight's matchup. What hasn't changed is our pursuit of the most brutal weapons from each time period. Tonight's matchup can be seen as a comparison between the weapons available to the criminal underworld both prior to and then immediately after World War II.

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