EMT Paintball Turret Deters, Paints Intruders

by Reverend_Danger   September 05, 2008 at 6:27PM  |  Views: 175

Unless you’re a totally namby pamby, you’re gonna pony up the dough for the “elite” level of paintball turret.  There are two other, non-elite, namby pamby versions for $1400 and $2000 respectively.  But they lack the relocated paintball hoppers (for crisper manipulation), automatic spreading legs, scuba tank mounts (for underwater shooting!?) and upgraded firing mechanism. 

You can get them all at Evolution Model Technology, and all three turrets have the same basic nuts and bolts.  There’s a big paintball canon mounted on a tripod.  It’s got a camera on it, so you can sit behind a tree or in a robotic deer or whatever you think is good camouflage while you blast your friends/enemies via remote control. 

Some of the upgrades are crazy-awesome, though.
Thermal imaging video scope
Night vision scope
Color virtual 50’’ LCD glasses
Long range video upgrade (2 miles 900mhz transmitter)

As far as video, they only have a lame, dry fire one and a motion test video on the site here.  Somebody hacked a homemade one, though, and made their friend run its gauntlet to get a sip of sweet, sweet, free beer.