Immortal vs Mongol

October 23, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Two of the World's most powerful and large empires ever formed: The Middle East's 500 BC trained charioteers. Asia's 1200 AD fearsome horsemen. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?


Short Range: Kopis Sword.

Medium Range: Persian Spear.

Long Range: Persian Bow.

Special: Chariot Scythe.

Armor: Scales. Wicker Shield.


Short Range: Ild Sword.

Medium Range: Mongolian Glaive.

Long Range: Mongolian Bow.

Special: Flanged Mace.

Armor: Leather Lamellar. Steel Shield.


Kopis vs Ild. Edge = Ild.

This was a little close but the Ild wins because it can go deeper than the Kopis, which really means cut and lacerate.

Spear vs Glaive. Edge = Even.

These weapons are equal because killing the chariot's horses would be great, and having a club on it is also great.

Persia Bow vs Mongol Bow. Edge = Persia Bow.

These both equally shooting 2 football field length bows are equally damning, but the Persia is a little more accurate than the Mongol, even though each are shot into a large barrage with an entire army.

Scythe vs Mace. Edge = Mace.

The Flanged Mace will just destroy your head. The Chariot Scythe is a good stopping weapon, but wasn't design to kill. The Mace was.

Scales vs Leather. Edge = Even.

Both can hold off the first or second hit, bu both don't work great under continuos punishment.

Wicker vs Steel. Edge = Steel.

The Steel Shield holds off more arrows, where the Wicker Shield is really designed so he can stick your spear or sword through the indents on the sides.

Since each are mounted on horses or chariots, each warrior will be accompanied by two more warriors.


A Persian Immortal retreats back to Persia after killing a Celt. He tells that he needs two more people from more onslought. Reluctantly, two agreed to come, and one is the chariot driver. As soon as they left Persia, they ran into someone. Or should I say, 'someones'?

Across a large field they see three horses with mountained Mongol's. They haven't seen the Persian's yet. The leader of the three Persian's pull an arrow out of his quiver, and sets it in his bow, aiming at one Mongol sharpening his ild with a rock. The arrow whizzes through the air.

The Mongol looks up just to see the arrow miss him, but by an inch. The Mongol's pick up their own arrows and bows. They shot in unison, and one gashed the other Persian. He knocked it off and pulled out his own arrow. They progressed. But the Mongol's also progressed.

The Persian chariot ran into one of the Mongol horses, its scythe cutting the legs on the horse, throwing the Mongol down and landing on his own ild. But before he fell down, his ild was able to decapitate the Persian on the right.

Immortal: 2. Mongol: 2.

Another Mongol dismounts with his glaive. He runs to the chariot to take down the horses, and got one in the neck, but the Persian leader took his spear, beat him up with the metal orb on the end, and stabbed him.

The Mongol leader circled the chariot, and was holding his mace. He shattered the brains of the chariot driver. The leader jumps off his chariot, holding his wicker shield. He used the blunt force again to take him down. He picked up his mace, and holds his shield. The blunt force of the spear was broken off from the mace, and crushed the wicker.

The Persian, with no choices left, drops his spear and takes out his kopis. He slashes, but the sword got tipped in the empty areas of the mace. He takes it down, leaving the Persian weaponless. The mace hit the Mongol in the stomach. A crater of scales fell off. He was bent over in pain, allowing the Mongol to bring it on his head.

Immortal: 0. Mongol: 1.

Mongol: 546.

Ild: 191.

Glaive: 178.

Mongol Bow: 113.

Flanged Mace: 164.

Immortal: 454.

Kopis: 126.

Spear: 125.

Persia Bow: 110.

Chariot Scythe: 93.

Ending Assessment: The Mongol's bruteness and catastrophic weaponry made him end out on top.

Best Weapon: The Ild slashed its way into victory with 191 kills.

Worst Weapon: The Chariot Scythe only ran over the Mongol's 93 times.