Transformers 2 Receives Awful Subtitle

June 5, 2008



Transformers 2 is no longer going to be called that.  Now, it's Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. If this is some kind of clever ruse to get me to question the integrity of the franchise, and by extension, the Autobots themselves, then you’ve played your hand well, Paramount.  Advantage: you.

But, somehow I intuit that is not the case.  I believe this sh*tty subtitle is the product of one or both of these events:

1. Megatron has hijacked creative control at Paramount and is attempting to poison their creative well in a play to subdue O. Prime and the Autobots, thus ascending the helm of the Universe.

2. This is the 50th in a long line of bad subtitles of late and a harbinger of a dark age.  An age that will likely be called The Purple Prose Age:  An Overwritten Epoch.