Celt vs Ninja

October 22, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Europe's crazy berserkers that fought off the Romans. Japan's sneakiest assassins that killed the Samurai. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?


Short Range: Longsword.

Medium Range: Great Axe.

Long Ranges: Lancea & Sling.

Special: Burda Club.


Short Range: Ninjato Sword.

Medium Range: Kusarigama.

Long Ranges: Shuriken & Blowgun.

Special: Nunchakus (From now on, no Black Eggs. This will be their replacement).


Longsword vs Ninjato. Edge = Ninjato.

Both have great slashing power but the Ninjato is much faster and swifter.

Great Axe vs Kusarigama. Edge = Great Axe.

The Kusarigama is a cool axe with a chain that hits you hard, but the Great Axe is... well, GREAT! It will cut you inhalf in a second.

Lancea vs Shuriken. Edge = Lancea.

I love the Shurikens because they are actually accurate and deadly, but the Lancea is longer, and can be used as a normal spear. Plus the tip on it is wavy, which makes greater injuries.

Sling vs Blowgun. Edge = Even.

Neither get the edge because of about the same accuracy and both would kill when they hit. The Blowgun darts poison you, and the Sling throws a large rock that'll brake your bones.

Burda vs Nunchakus. Edge = Burda.

This was close because the Nunchakus are really quick and fast, but the Burda delivers a more punishing blow with the steel rungs on the large piece of wood.


A Celt that had survived a Roman onslought walks away from the battle field, armed with a lancea in his arms, and a longsword at his waist. He also had a burda behind his back and a swing tied around his shoulder. He was looking for more Roman Centurions, but as he turned a corner, he saw two dead. His group of Celts, now entirely destroyed except himself, was ever here. Who killed the Centurions?

The Celt couldn't believe the sight and extended the lancea. He then saw another Centurion run towards him, but not to kill, he was in fear. From behind him, a man in a black costume was flipping around and grabbed him with a chain on a kusarigama. It wrapped around his neck, and an axe hit him on the head. The man saw the Celt.

The Celt planted his lancea in the ground and grabbed a great axe from the other side of his waist. He charged with the axe, but only cut a streak in the Ninja's gi. The kusarigama stuck again, but only slashed the leather of the Celt's armor.

The Celt pulled out his longsword and slashed to decapitate the Ninja, but he ducked, and spun out of the way. He was a little far away from the Celt now, and picked out a few shurikens. He threw his first one.

The star missed. The next one got the Celt in the stomach, but that also was stopped by the leather, but did puncture. He pulled it out and threw it at the ground. He yanked the lancea out of the ground. He threw it, and the Ninja backflipped out of the way. He pulled up a fukibari (blowgun) and shot a dart.

The dart stuck in the Celt's arm, and growled. It didn't hit any veins though, so the poison was useless. He throws the dart down and pulls up his sling. He swings it and the rock is propelled. It skinned the leg of the Ninja. He pulled out his ninjato and flashed it around. The Celt dodged its first strike.

Burda met knee. The club swung and made the knees buckle on the Ninja. He rolled around and was able to get up, limping, swing around a pair of nunchakus. The Celt was confused by the movement of it, and allowed to hit the head of the Celt. He fell down, but with only a small bump. He ran toward his thrown lancea. He grabbed it, and hit the shaft of it with the nunchakus, wrapping it around.

The Ninja tried to pull out his ninjato, but the lancea stabbed his arm. The Ninja dropped his sword. He grabbed his arm, at the same time backing away. He grabbed his kusarigama again, and whipped around the chain. It wrapped around the lancea's shaft, but he was able to hold onto it. They both fought back, but the Ninja wasn't winning since the Celt was so strong. He cut the chain.

The Celt charged forward with the lancea, surprisingly fast with it. The Ninja tried to side-stepped, but the lancea pierced his stomach, making him into a Ninja Kabob.

Celt: 523.

Longsword: 142.

Great Axe: 187.

Lancea: 152.

Sling: 5.

Burda: 37.

Ninja: 477.

Ninjato: 151.

Kusarigama: 133.

Shuriken: 53.

Blowgun: 91.

Nunchakus: 49.

Ending Assessment: The Celt's barbaric matter with epic weapons won over wih his victory. However, both Celt and Ninja had similar weapons.

Best Weapon: The most brutal weapon was the Great Axe, killing with 187 deaths.

Worst Weapon: The Sling only hit the Ninja with 5 kills.