Mantenna - Friday, April 2

April 2, 2010

Olivia Newton-John's missing ex is still alive, Erykah Badu gets charged over a nude music video, and a Florida man avoids jail time because he's too fat...the Mantenna or bust!

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Olivia Newton-John's Missing Ex-Boyfriend is Still Alive

Five years ago, Olivia Newton-John's then-boyfriend Patrick McDermott went missing after a fishing trip off the coast of California. The man, who had been dating the Grease star for nine years, was presumed dead. Shortly after his disappearance speculation grew that he may have faked his own death to escape growing debt and allow his son to inherit a life insurance policy. A private investigator working for NBC’s Dateline has been hot on the heel of McDermott. In an unusual move McDermott, through his lawyers, contacted the investigator and told him he was alive and well. He “begged investigators to stop this search immediately and allow the former cameraman to live his life in peace and harmony. He is safe and has started anew again in a new place both physically and mentally.” Olivia Newton-John has since married businessman John Easterling. []

John Forsythe Dead

John Forsythe, the voice of Charlie in Charlie’s Angels, is dead. The actor passed away at age 92 after a year long battle with cancer. His daughter Brooke Forsythe said, “He died as he lived his life, with dignity and grace.” Forsythe is best known for playing the scheming oil tycoon Blake Carrington in the television series Dynasty. The role made him a sex symbol, something he found amusing to be experiencing in his '60s. [New York Times]

Erykah Badu To Be Charged Over Nude Video

Erykah Badu will be charged with disorderly conduct over her nude video shoot for "Window Seat" that took place in the middle of Dallas. According to authorities, Badu stripped down to her birthday suit in the middle of Dealey Plaza in Dallas and a Texas woman filed an indecency complaint with police. TMZ is reporting that cops have charged Badu with disorderly conduct and will mail her a citation with up to a $500 fine. [TMZ]

Justin Bieber Makes Album Chart History

Source: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Well, it’s official. Justin Bieber has become the youngest solo male artist to have a number one album on the Billboard Top 200 since Stevie Wonder. Bieber's LP My World 2.0 has taken the top position, while his debut album My World remains in the top five, making him the youngest male ever to achieve this. Stevie Wonder made history back in 1963 at 13 years old when his album Recorded Live: The 12 Year Old Genius went to #1. Proof the apocalypse is near? [New York Times]

Florida Man Avoids Jail Time With Little Known "I'm Too Fat to Fit in the Cell" Defense

A 600-pound criminal who is accused of defrauding restaurants and convenience stores for free food (seriously), will not have to face the possibility of life without freedom or fried chicken. Thanks to a prosecutor who decided the state couldn't afford to use a fork lift to transport him to an over-sized jail cell they'd have to build for him, the State Attorney's office will allow the man-whale to remain bed-ridden at home with a mere probationary sentence. "He's in his prison cell," Assistant State Attorney Kyan Ware told the Orlando Sentinel. "He's not getting out of that bed." If only O.J. Simpson had gained a little more weight after he finished his playing career.

Gears of War Developer To Debut Next Game on Late Night

The host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon writes that the design director for popular Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War will be on his show next week to debut his next game. Game developer Cliff Bleszinski, who worked on both Gears of War and Gears of War 2, has not yet talked about when the final game in the trilogy will hit the Xbox 360. And it may not even be Gears of War 3 that Bleszinski will be talking about. [Twitter]

KFC's Double Down Sandwich is Official

The Colonel's controversial Double Down sandwich, which ditches traditional bread and replaces it with pieces of fried chicken (!), is officially now a menu item. And in between those two pieces of fried chicken? Bacon and cheese, of course. And what looks like a mayonnaise of some sort, just to add a zazz to the whole equation. No word on where it comes with a heart surgeon's business card, as well. [Consumerist]

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