Band + Motorcycle = Freeway Band

October 4, 2011
Look, we get that it's hard for a band to get gigs in any economic environment, but especially this one. In order to keep playing music and get attention, bands have to think outside the box and try new, novel ways of getting their music in front of people. Unless we're talking Russian bands, in which case you just need to be insane.

Hence, this video we're about to show you. Details on it are sketchy: we're not sure of the band, the song they're playing, how the device you're about to see was built, whether it's really intended to tour, and how much vodka had to be consumed before the band got on it.

One thing we do know is that it rocks:

Here's our question: why weren't they playing "Highway Star"? "Life is a Highway?" "Hit the Road, Jack"? There seem to be legions of lost opportunities here.

Source: YouTube/tigfinger