If He's Cut, She's Sexually Satisfied

July 22, 2009

The debate over the benefits of circumcision has been going on for centuries. But does a lack of a foreskin make a man a better lover?

A new study has found that men who are circumcised perform better in the bedroom. The study, conducted in Uganda, asked 455 women to rate how satisfying sex was with their newly-circumcised partner. Almost 40 percent of participants said that sexual satisfaction improved after their lover had been under the knife. Only 13 percent said that sexual satisfaction decreased and the remainder said they noticed little or no change. The most common reason for better sex was the ability of the male partner to last longer, an attribute most likely caused by a decrease in sensitivity in the head of the penis.

The study was conducted as part of research into circumcision and the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Research has shown that male circumcision "reduces the risk of acquiring HIV for heterosexual men by more than 50 percent.” Now it seems there’s another reason to promote circumcision.

Among other reasons for better sex: 

  • Forty-four women said their partner wanted sex more often, a reason also cited by one woman who was unhappy with her state of sexual satisfaction.
  • Twenty women said they achieved orgasm more often.
  •  Twenty-six said their partners had less or no difficulty maintaining an erection and 18 said they had less or no difficulty getting an erection in the first place.


The men participating in the study said they did not notice much change in sexual satisfaction due to circumcision, with 97 percent saying that sexual satisfaction was either unchanged or better.

What do you think? Does circumcision make you a better lover?

Source: Digital Vision/Getty Images