Mantenna - Thursday, December 4

December 4, 2008

Jennifer Aniston strips down to a wet t-shirt in a desperate plea for attention, a hot new clip from the highly anticipated Terminator Salvation, and 5 things you didn't know about Playboy magazine...all that and more in today's Mantenna!

Jennifer Aniston is Desperate for Attention

Jennifer Aniston is hitting back at the unflattering attention she’s recently received by revealing more of herself than ever before. She’s shed her prudish image and is showing off some skin in a super sexy calendar. One image released from the 2009 calendar shows Aniston leaning back under a waterfall, in what just might be one of the best wet t-shirt photographs ever to be taken. []

Playboy Has a Birthday

Playboy is celebrating its 55th birthday this year. The iconic magazine is a cultural institution and its creator, Hugh Hefner, is a national treasure. Most modern men have heard of the magazine and probably have even read it. But did you know that Playboy was not the magazine’s original title; that the famous rabbit ears appear hidden on the cover of every issue and that Playboy didn’t make most of its money from the magazine? Find out more about the premiere lad mag in’s 5 Things You Didn't Know About Playboy. []

Apple Rumor: $99 iPhone coming to Wal-Mart

Rumor though it may be, there’s talk on the internetz about Apple rolling back prices over at Wal-Mart by introducing a $99 iPhone.  Allegedly, they would offer the 4GB model, and it would be at $99 only with the simultaneous purchase of a 2-year contract. If it were true, you’d think this would have been revealed on or before Black Friday, but keep your multi-touching fingers crossed. [Gearlog]

Another Look at Terminator Salvation


All those Terminator buffs who are chomping at the bit to get their hands on more sneak peeks at the upcoming summer flick rejoiced today: a clip from the film aired on Entertainment Tonight hit the web and it gives us even cooler, bigger, meaner looking machine monsters than we saw in the past teasers and trailers. Whether or not director McG managed to actually make a good film or not remains to be seen, but the stuff leaking out looks great so far. Of course, it’s never a good sign when the star – Christian Bale – is pretty apathetic about the whole thing. But who knows, maybe Bale talked crap about Batman Begins before it came out, too. []

Dr. Pepper Snaps Back At Axl Rose

Dr Pepper Snapple Group has responded to Axl Rose's bitching about not enough of the singer's fans getting the free Dr. Peppers they were promised when Chinese Democracy was released late last month. In a statement quoted by Rolling Stone's Rock & Roll Daily, the folks at Dr. Pepper said, "We are disappointed that GN'R's lawyers are turning a fun giveaway into a legal dispute. We simply commented on the delayed release of Chinese Democracy and openly encouraged the band to release it before the end of the year. Axl even expressed support for our efforts earlier in the year." [Rolling Stone]

A Place To Sell Your Used MP3s! has said they want people to “stop illegally sharing and start legally selling.” The logic behind it is that it's legal to sell a CD you've bought - so why can't you do the same with a music file? The difference is that when you sell a CD you don't get to keep an identical copy of it for yourself. Bopaboo has created some special software that reaches onto your computer and deletes your files for you. Sweet? [The Ridiculant]

BMW Making Credit Card Key Fob


BMW is developing a more efficient way to lose both your car keys and credit card information. The Smart Key, which contains a security chip that can talk to a card reader over short distances, may start out with a smaller function set than it ultimately ends up with as the technology matures. Storing access passes for public transportation and information to facilitate electronic payments are two abilities that BMW feels will eventually appeal to consumers, for instance. More interestingly, the key can be used to carry your personal preferences from car to car like a dongle. Owners would have the fob personalized to their preferences, which would then make those options available in any BMW, not just the owner's personal car. []

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