Famous Sports Announcers Builds Music Credibility by Comparing Jonas Brothers to The Beatles

January 25, 2010

Now that Tiger Woods has gone into hiding and there’s only so many stories a human being can run about Phil Mickelson’s new high-fat, carb only diet – Hall of Fame broadcaster and apparent boy band enthusiast Jim Nantz decided to spend some time on the Don Imus radio show this week gushing about the Jonas Brothers and defending his masculinity.

“They’re great; I saw them four times in concert last year. I did, I did! And I got to meet them, Joe and Kevin and Nick. These guys are going to be the biggest thing since the Beatles,” Nantz said on air in a shockingly serious and non-alcohol induced voice.

Imus, however, disagreed and questioned whether or not Nantz had a functioning male genetalia, or if he simply enjoyed listening to teeny bop melodies while waxing his eyebrows in the morning.

 “Why are you [Imus] questioning my manhood?" Nantz asked. "Because I think the Jonas brothers are a great act? Why wouldn’t I go to a Jonas Brothers concert? I recognize talent. By the fourth time I knew all the lyrics to their songs, they’re great,” Nantz said while possibly watching an episode of Hannah Montana in the backgroud.

Granted, I keep a steady rotation of Dwight Yokam and Tragically Hip records in my car, so I’m not so sure how highly regarded my musical opinions may be, but this seems wrong, right? The guy turns 50 this year and has attended multiple Jonas Brothers concerts.

Source: Mike Ehrmann/National Football League/Getty Images