Adult Film Star Sucks at World Record Attempt

May 21, 2009

A German porn star has been rushed to hospital after blowing a world record attempt.

Sexy Cora, a 21-year-old adult film actress, was attempting to break the oral sex world record for a new porno film by “servicing” 200 men in Hamburg, Germany.

The German porn star was almost halfway to beating the record when her attempt to make the history books had to be called off. The porn star had just “pleasured” her 75th man when she collapsed. She was rushed to hospital suffering from breathing difficulties.

Sexy Cora, whose real name is Carolin Berger, recently made headlines in Germany after being arrested for filming sex scenes for another porno in a family park in broad daylight. She is currently on bail and facing indecency charges.

It is unknown whether she will attempt to break the record again.