I.R.A vs Mafia

August 10, 2010

IRA --- Bren, AR-15, Webley Revolver, Nail Bomb, Slingshot.

MAFIA --- Tommy, M1918 BAR, Colt Pistol, Molotov, Bat.

EDGE --- Tommy for faster shooting and got the EDGE over Sten which is also a British model. AR-15 for reliability and accuracy. Webley and Colt are EVEN. Nail Bomb for shrapnel and more killing chances within frag radius. Bat for more lethality.

A 1928 Cadillac comes up to an old brick bulding. Five Mafia gangsters get out of the car, armed to the teeth with their weapons. When one pulls out a molotov cocktail it gets shot and turns to a million broken pieces of glass. Knowing their next the mobsters scatter. One of them shoot rapid fire at the window which they think the bullet came from. He then sees a man with a ski mask and camo jaket fall out of the window, bloody and dead. IRA = 4. MAFIA = 5.

Three of the five Mafia members break into the front door, choosing the other two to go to the back. While one tries to open the door by beating it with a bat, the other sneaks to a garage which holds an old, beaten, van. As the other breaks inside, he gets blown up. The one that was at the garage sees him head to toe with nails. He grabs an M1918 and starts shooting at silouttes. He grabs a second molotov, lights it, and throws it. He hears it blow up but when he turned around he saw he completely missed by throwing it down a different room. He turned the corner and saw a man with a slingshot. The projectile went into his open mouth, tearing the the windpipe, killing the man. IRA = 4. MAFIA = 3.

As the slingshooting IRA turns the corner, his head blows up from a Colt bullet waiting for him. As the Colt Mafia member starts moving, he sees an unlit moltov. As he picks it up, there's another nail bomb. BOOM! The IRA bomber grabs a Bren and sees another IRA member. Or so he thought. The second one pulls out a tommy and sprays the bomber down. He then takes off his mask to reveal he's from the Mafia. I = 2. M = 2.

While turning a corner, he sees another Mafia member with a bat. Before he swings the bat on the IRA looking Mafia member, he says "WAIT!" and pulls the mask back off. They get out of the building, getting into the car again. While starting the car, the van pulls up to it. Now that both are driving side-by-side, the tommy is shooting at the van. But after they're out of bullet's, one of the IRA slingshoots. Not a projectile, but a nail bomb. They try to throw it back at the van which is only a few feet away. It detonates, blowing both the Mafia members and the one IRA. The only one left is the IRA that is driving. He stops and screams a victory war. I = 1. M = 0.

IRA --- 553.

Bren --- 172.

AR-15 --- 168.

Webley --- 108.

Nail Bomb --- 88.

Slingshot --- 17.

MAFIA --- 447.

Tommy --- 152.

M1918 --- 142.

Colt --- 76.

Molotov --- 35.

Bat --- 62.