It's Back

March 13, 2009

After nineteen years as a made-for-TV movie, Stephen King's It is being brought back to life by Warner Bros. Based on one of the scariest of King's many scary novels, It chronicles a group of kids who call themselves the Losers Club in 1958 and encounter a child-murdering clown -- the terrifying Pennywise, or It, or Robert Gray.

Cut to 1985, and the Losers Club is now a group of adults faced with the same clown they defeated 27 years ago. In the new adaptation, which will be written by Dave Kajganich (The Invasion, Creek), the time frame will be present day. Hopefully Pennywise will be just as horrifying as Tim Curry played him.

I'm sure everyone who read the novel and/or watched the 1990 film is wondering the same thing: will there be a big spider at the end? And if so, will it actually be scary this time? Today's audiences have already experienced one of cinema's scariest spiders with Shelob from Lord of the Rings, so they're going to have to really bring it to up the ante.

The Hollywood Reporter has this to say about Kajganich:

Kajganich, repped by UTA and Madhouse Entertainment, has stealthily made a name for himself with his dark materials, writing The Invasion for Warners and snagging gigs such as the Pet Semetary remake among others. He was recently tapped to write New Line's Escape From New York remake and is adapting True Story for Plan B and Paramount Vantage. The latter is a mystery drama.

So it sounds like the new adaptation/remake is in good hands. Here's hoping this is a new adaptation rather than a remake of the 1990 movie. This project needs fresh scariness pumped into it.