Head2Head - Last Week's Game!

August 31, 2009

Well, Brett Favre finally got his wish and took his scruffy grey beard and his Wrangler jeans to Minnesota. Guess the silent "v" in his name stands for Vikings. Man, this guy un-retires almost as often as the fastest game show on TV, Head2Head, gives away money! That's right, every week! And this week was no different with a cool $1,500 on the line...

Hitting paydirt this week was a trifecta of trivia tough guys:

On Monday, two inmates ran the asylum -- as in Batman: Arkham Asylum (in stores now for PS3 and Xbox 360) -- but only one caped crusader escaped with the cash. Move over Joker 'cause the Zimbabwean nightmare Mandla manhandled his competition to the tune of $500! That should pay for lots of wonderful new toys!

We pimped out Wednesday with moviemaker and motor head Gary from San Francisco, who drove off the lot with a souped up wallet full of five crisp hundred dolla bills!

And finally on Thursday, Oklahoma's #1 Tweeter, Ryan, made it out alive with a disaster-proof pile of cash as we celebrated the premiere of the new Spike series Surviving Disaster coming your way Tuesday night, September 1st at 10pm. Make sure you tune in...your life might just depend on it.

And you can always depend on spendin' the night with Callie on H2H, every Monday through Thursday at midnight!