Got Your 6 Unites For Critical Veterans Issues

May 10, 2012

Going live at 10:30a PST today, the Got Your 6 campaign will showcase a press conference that will unite the entertainment industry and some of the nation's biggest nonprofit organizations in the military and veteran field to help transform the conversation in America about how veterans are perceived as civic assets and leaders.

Got Your 6 means collaboration, but the 6 itself also stands for the six pillars of successful veteran reintegration: jobs, education, housing, health, family, and leadership. For those of you that don't know, "I've got your six," means, "I've got your back, and you've got mine" in the military.

You can watch the live stream below:

In military vernacular, the expression "Got Your Six" means I've got your back, and in turn, you have mine. The reciprocal nature of this statement underlies the message that the Got Your 6 campaign strives to spread to all Americans. Got Your 6 represents a powerful show of respect and understanding for our veterans and military families.

All of the major entertainment studios, broadcast and cable networks, talent agencies, and guilds are uniting to launch this unprecedented awareness campaign aimed at changing the conversation in our country with regards to veterans and military families. The campaign will be brought to the American people though a national publicity effort that makes full use of the campaign's numerous entertainment partners—crossing television, print, radio, outdoor, and social media platforms.

Got Your 6 seeks to use the tools and reach of the entertainment industry to reintroduce military veterans and culture to all Americans. The relationships that will be created aid the transition of veterans, create opportunities for veterans to take on leadership roles at home and in the workplace, and provide the pathways for veterans and civilians reinvigorate our communities together. Elements of the awareness campaign include script integration, creative original content, celebrity endorsements, distribution of Got Your 6 merchandise, veteran hiring fairs, civilian-military service opportunities, and many additional programs.

For more information and resources on Spike's campaign to help veterans find jobs - check out

Source: Got Your 6