final Update

January 7, 2011

I have thought long and hard about what kind of match ups i wanted and what after these match ups.


Im going to do three match ups:

Frankisch Paladins Vs. Muslim Warriors

The Frankish warriors will fight with Charlemagne on the head. The forerunner for the medievel knight versus the medievel muslim warriors who fought off the crusaders and the mongols. The leader of the Muslims will ben Salah Ad-Din, better known in the western world as Saladin.


Jesse James Vs. Napoleon

I will use Jesse James due to the fact i could not find different weapons for Butch Cassidy. These american outlaw cowbows have a huge time and weapon advantage against the little great general. But Napoleon took over half the world and has more close combat weapons and his battlefield tactics.

Ira Vs. Cia

Will the Irish Republican Army win against the american Central Intelligence Agency? This is a battle of freedom fighters/terrorists (im not jugding or approving them) versus the american secret service. For both parties will weapons be used that are relevant to the match. So the slingshot, exploding sigar, briefcasegun and the strenglewire are out. They will be replaced with better weapons. 


Who do you think will win and why. And who will you be cheering for?

Do you want me to put in information about the warriors like my previous match ups?