October 16, 2009

Well I guess I will Tell you alittle about Me Littletwilighter...

Well I am HuGE Twilight Fan, I have been since The first book hit the shevles... I know everything there is to know about twilight! I also love scary movie... Zoobie movies are my Favorite... I have seen the twilight movie so much that my mom had to get me a new dvd... I cant read really good yet so my mom and sister have put the books on cd for me... (Since i am only four yrs old!)

I belong too over 50 twilight fan sites, and have a twitter account and facebook, myspace, youtube!!! you can google my name Littletwilighter on google and check out pics and videos by me! 


I would like to thank my sister for evrything she does for me, she updates me on everything and post on all my sites for me!!!...the cullens