People Who Love Soccer and Paying for Sex Excited to Welcome 40,000 Prostitutes to the World Cup

May 10, 2010

There’s nothing quite like purchasing the services of a Nigerian prostitute after a long, hard day of watching Argentina embarrass a small European country on the soccer field. The thrill of competition, joy of victory and ability to negotiate with the largest conglomeration of working girls on the planet is what the World Cup is all about, apparently.

According to South Africa’s Drug Central Authority (one of the more underrated Drug Central Authorities in the eastern hemisphere), over 40,000 hookers will descend upon their nation in order to facilitate the completely normal habits of the half million men attending soccer’s biggest spectacle.

No need to worry about safe sex, though.

South African President Jacob Zuma (a noted polygamist with 20 children and a rape allegation) is bringing in one billion condoms to help keep things safe.

Outside of the whole soccer thing, the World Cup actually sounds like a pretty fun time.


Photo: Stone/Getty Images

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