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New Audi R8 Buyers Can Customize Their New Ride Any Way They Like It

August 11, 2011 at 7:30PM  |  Views: 855

One of the biggest complaints I have with car companies (besides the fact that they don't send me free samples) is their lack of versatility.

Cars aren't just a way to get from Point A to Point B. They are an extension of personality and expression. They reflect our positive and negative qualities on a conscious and subconscious level whether we're driving a simple light blue Honda Acura (i.e. I am boring and have no imagination), a fully souped-up Lamborghini Diablo (i.e. the divorce has soured me on women my own age) or an eco-friendly Toyota Prius (i.e. BRAAAAAIIIINNNNS!).

The makers of the new Audi R8 are making a step in the right direction. Those who purchase their new Le Mans Quattro-inspired behemoth also get to customize it with the exterior and interior style of their choice. The Audi custom shop lets drivers choose the color of their paint job and the style of their interior, and no combination is off-limits. Well, I'm assuming polka dots and shag carpeting are out (I've got my fingers crossed).

Source: Audi


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