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Robbie T Should Kiss The Ring

by Robbie E   February 20, 2013 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 2,349

What's up, bro? It's Robbie E rolling solo this week back with another bro blog. I gave Bigger Rob the week off, 'cause, well... our relationship has been a little rocky lately to say the least. Well, this week I'm gonna talk about why Bigger Rob should be grateful I let him be my bouncer, bro!

5 - My Pad - Bro. Are you kidding me? I live in a mansion in Jersey, bro. He gets to crash at my place for free. I even got bunk beds for us, bro. Mine says "Big Rob" and his says "Bigger Rob"  Plus I have an indoor swimming pool and my own personal bro-off room.

4 - Protein Techniques - When Robbie T hangs with me, he learns all the secrets of protein, bro. I've taught him how to make protein cupcakes, protein soup and even how to stick protein into his soap bar so it goes into his skin while he showers.

3 - Clothes - Have you seen how good I dress, bro? Without me Bigger Rob wouldn't have such a sweet hair style and wouldn't be rocking those dope Jed Clothing sweaters that we wear on IMPACT WRESTLING, bro.

2 - Girls – It's no secret that Robbie E is always surrounded by chicks, bro. Well, by me being surrounded by chicks obviously Robbie T is also. He has gotten more girls in the last year and half then most people do in 10 lifetimes combined, bro.

1 - Money - Hello? How would Bigger Rob make money if I wasn't paying him to be my bouncer, bro. He was a hamster before I made him the fresh bro he is today. He needs me, bro. He does.

All in all, Bigger Rob never should have played me out in my own bro-off. He never should have kissed Miss Tessmacher when clearly she wanted me, and never should have partied with that midget loser Rocktar Spud!!! Case closed, bro.

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