Incredible Frisbee Catches Aren't Just For Hippies or Dogs Anymore

July 29, 2010

According to credible sources, there’s something called the World Flying Disc Federation Championships currently being held in Prague. Though the games aren’t being shown on American television, one particular highlight has made its way back to the United States and is quietly being called "the play of the year" by numerous pundits in the red, white, and blue sports media.

Seattle Sockeyes hero Andrew Flemming is making a name for himself (and the sport) thanks to an outstretched grab he made at the end of an intense showdown with the Boston Ironside.

With seconds ticking away on the clock, the balding semi-professionally athlete leapt from what appears to be the four-meter line in order to snatch a falling Frisbee from the clutches of defeat with just inches to spare.

(Ultimate Frisbee players throughout America’s community college system celebrated with a gentle high five and fresh bag of Funyuns.)

The catch truly is remarkable and an excellent display of a recreational activity being transformed into an exciting, competitive sport. I can't wait for the lawn watering championships or international gossip showdown later this fall.