Man Sent to Jail for Feeling Up Minnie Mouse

August 11, 2009

60-year-old grandpa John Moyer was found guilty yesterday of groping a woman while she was in costume as Minnie Mouse at Disney World. Mickey must be hella pissed.

Moyer was visiting the theme park in June and was hanging in Toontown when he got face to face with Mrs. Minnie Mouse. As the over-excited grandpa got ready for a photo of the moment, he reached up and gave a little tug on Minnie’s costume boob. He also topped things off by giving her a smack on the backside. Minnie then lost her cartoon cool and complained to her boss, who had Moyer arrested.

According to Click Orlando, Moyer went on trial and was sentenced to two days in jail, 180 days probation, and 50 hours of community service, all of which he must do before he can head home to Pennsylvania.

The weirdest aspect of this story has to be some of the wacky courtroom exchanges:

"It doesn't matter she was grabbed. She's just a mouse," prosecutor David Bear said, arguing against the defense. "It's not just a mouse. It's a person."


In court, prosecutors said Disney characters are no different than servers at restaurants. "It's not OK to go to the diner and pinch a waitress' butt anymore, and it's not OK to go to a theme park and pinch a character's butt," Bear said.

Who knew a 60-year-old grandpa would have such an extreme cartoon fetish? Only in America.

Source: Valerie Maco/Getty Images