Calling in Hungover Doesn't Work for NBA Players Either

February 22, 2010

Despite millions of dollars, international notoriety, and beautiful wives that Shaquille O’Neal may eventually sleep with – there are some downsides to playing professional basketball. One of which is a very strict “please stay sober before games” policy that led to one former All-Star being traded.

After rumors began swirling that the Dallas Mavericks traded Josh Howard to the Washington Wizards because of his “off-the-court debauchery,” team owner Mark Cuban essentially confirmed the speculation on the Dan Patrick Show.

“You can’t be partying the night before a game. Period, end of story,” Cuban said when asked about Howard’s mysterious pre-game illness last month.

Cuban added that he is looking for high character players with limited arrest records and no championship experience. (Sort of like the Dallas Cowboys.)

Photo: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images