Tori Spelling Snubs Mom on The View

April 17, 2009

Tori Spelling proves to the world that she actually has a little integrity by sticking to her guns when the formidable Barbara Walters tries to twist her arm into contacting her mother.

Tori has been on the outs with her mom Candy for a long time. Barbara and Co. apparently decided to make a good faith effort to reconcile the two -- and by good faith, I mean browbeating her for two minutes in the hopes of undoing a blood feud that's years old. Insisting on a nationally televised program that this kind of thing needs to be handled privately, Tori put Barbara in her place.

Barbara may not have succeeded in getting the two Spelling women back into a warm, loving, familial relationship, but she did break another boundary in journalism by actually pointing out the hypocrisy in both of these ladies' public argument.

Things were so much easier when all Tori had to do was show up on set and look (not that) pretty on a beach. How did it ever come to this?

Source: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images