Mantenna - Thursday, February 12

February 12, 2009

Kinky sexy is reportedly on the rise, a sneak peek at the sexy Megan Fox from Jennifer's Body, and the ladies of Russia's Miss Atom 2009's the Mantenna!


Kinky Sex on the Rise

ABC News is reporting that kinky sex in on the rise and that the internet is to blame. Anecdotal evidence collected by therapists around the country show that sexual fetishes, sadomasochism, bondage, swinging and even bestiality are more prevalent in today’s society. Robert Dunlap, a Californian sex therapist, told ABC News that "the Internet has changed everything. So many people can go online and say, 'This is me. I love this. I am finding like types.'" Looks like it’s time to get freaky! [ABC News]

Meet the Miss Atom 2009 Contenders

Meet the ladies of Miss Atom 2009, an annual beauty contest for female employees of Russia’s atomic energy industry. Our favorite is Alyona Kirsanova of Novovoronezh, a 22-year-old employee of Novovoronezhatomenergoremont who loves “enjoying life,” has a radiant smile and loves prancing about in a tiny black bikini. [Buzzfeed]

Playboy’s YouTube Hottie Contestants

A while ago, Playboy decided to cruise through YouTube, find all the hotties, and deliver them to you almost naked.  It was a foolproof plan, and Uncoached has the predictably perfect results of the contest.  Our favorite of the winners was Amy Lynn Grover, 24, and a self-described “typical Leo.”  Although, you have to admire the bajillion videos submitted by Holly Madison. [Uncoached]

New Photo of Jennifer’s Body

The studio behind Jennifer’s Body, Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman’s upcoming film, has released a picture from the film. In it Megan Fox, who plays Jennifer, looks truly possessed...because she is. The movie is about a cheerleader whose body is taken over by a demon, leading her to devour men to sate the demon’s appetite. Hmmm, well, premises aside, the photo of a soaking wet Megan Fox in a white dress – covered in blood – should probably be enough to pique the interest of more than a few young men. Whether or not this film will compare favorably to Cody’s first script, Juno, is another story. But, as they say, pregnant teens and possessed teens are apples and oranges. []

Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday is Today

The father of the theory of evolution and the object of a great deal of internet trolling, Charles Darwin, would celebrate his 200th birthday today if he would’ve gotten off his lazy ass and evolved some longer-living genes.  Whether you want to celebrate or condemn the life and works of this inarguably influential scientist, you can go over to to see what events are being held close to you. []


Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Are Engaged


Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It’s official: Pretty popper Mandy Moore and country alt-rocker Ryan Adams are engaged. According to E! News, the musical duo first began dating quietly in December 2007, but weren't discovered until March. In July, Adams released a statement regarding their breakup, blaming the spotlight surrounding the 24-year-old starlet. The first talk of her reunion with Ryan came just last week, when Adams posted a photo of them together during Sundance on his blog. Moore's rep, Jillian Fowkes, recently confirmed to E! News that the two are indeed very much engaged. [Yahoo! News]

Nude photo of MadonnaGoes for $37,500

A nude photograph of Madonna was sold for $37,500 this afternoon at a Christie's Art House auction. The picture was purchased for more than double its original estimated selling price. The 13-inch by 8 5/8-inch framed photograph was purchased by an anonymous bidder over the phone. The full frontal photograph was one of many taken by American photographer Lee Friedlander in 1979. Madonna, then a student, received $25 for the entire shoot. [CNN]

Sweden Builds Stealth Ships, Remains Neutral

The notoriously neutral country of Sweden has rolled out the world’s first “stealth ships.”  They look vaguely like the stealth bombers of greater fame, except they’re wetter and lower.  They use the funny, angled body that the bomber uses to avoid above-water radar, and they eschew propeller drives for water jets to avoid underwater radar.  Sweden – we should be very afraid of them. []

Stimulus Package is SFW Porn

The kids at Lucid Films have put together a SFW, hyper-sexual explanation of the Senate's current stimulus package.  Featuring the hot-like-a-sexy-librarian Morgan Grace Jarrett, and the sexy-like-a-political science-teacher Jessica Marasco, this video explains everything you need to know and mixes it with some hot, non-nude sex. Oh baby, “All those that found Barack’s package stimulating, take off your damn pants.” []

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