Getting Tasered Isn't Just for Baseball Fans Anymore

May 10, 2010

If authorities are going to start busting out a taser every time drunken fans in the gallery start yelling obscenities at Tiger Woods, the game of golf is going to risk losing its reputation as the single least interesting sport to watch live. Keep your fingers crossed, curling!

At the Players Championship this weekend, 36-year-old heckling enthusiast Travis Parmelee learned that making fun of Woods is a privilege reserved for Jay Leno and self-righteous bloggers who have the ability to hide behind our their computers.

During the second round of play, Parmelee began screaming some not-so-nice things to the world’s number one golfer. (Probably about his fashion sense and political opinions.)

After a few polite requests to curb his enthusiasm, the sheriff on site deployed some of his officers to handle the situation. Of course, in police terms “handle the situation” occasionally means “tasering the drunk guy on the 11th hole.”

Parmelee was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He did, however, take the tasering like a champ.

Photo: New York Daily News