The Coal Reviews Are In!

March 28, 2011
Some of us often wait for the reviews to come out before we decide to see something. Well, stop waiting because the reviews are out for Spike's new original series Coal! The reviews speak for themselves, but we'll share them with you anyway. The series, premiering this Wednesday, March 30 at 10PM/9c, follows the West Virginia miners of Cobalt Coal as they get to work at their Westchester mine as well as their lives outside of it.

UPDATE: Now With More Great Press!

One of the Slate critics likened this type of reality programming to "those mid-century Life magazine essays" as portraits of America. During the more than 11 minute discussion, the show was called "super-fascinating" and "totally compelling."

San Francisco Chronicle

"They get beyond the danger into the emotional territory, and that's where the gold is. If you can get these miners to open up about their fears and dreams, etc., then you've accomplished something. An actor can't duplicate what these men are about - so "Coal" is a glimpse into a life as obscure as something from the other side of the world."

The Pittsburgh Gazette:

" . . . it's difficult to look away in the first hour of this Spike TV 10-episode series."

The Wall Street Journal:

"Coal is a fascinating series . . ."

The New York Times :

"To be honest, it is fascinating to watch . . . coal wrested from beneath an Appalachian mountain. And it’s refreshing to hear working-class men discuss their difficult lives, partly because of their invisible presence in our own. It’s their pride and muscle that help to ferry oil and coal to our furnaces, that put crab on our dinner plates."

The Hollywood Reporter :

"Coal immediately stands on its own as a worthy subject, not just a way to capitalize on a trend."

If you still don't believe the hype, then you'll just have to check Coal out for yourself when it premieres this Wednesday at 10PM/9c. Once you're hooked (and we know you will be), check back at for the latest updates and exclusive content throughout the season. And don't forget to like Coal on Facebook and to follow it on Twitter.